Water Features for Sale

Water Features for Sale

We all love a grand bargain that would save us a few dollars or hundreds in our pocket. So if you are on the market, search for various water features for sale in Sydney online. Then this article will display recommendations from Ascot Vale Garden Centre, based in the Melbourne region.

The Right Water Features For Your Garden

A beautiful garden filled with gorgeous water features can make a property more homely and welcome as you enter the driveway. There are so many options to consider, from different styles, shapes, materials and sizes. 

It all comes down to your personal tastes. Everyone’s attraction indeed varies to person and budget too. And it doesn’t have to be done in one swoop, either. Transforming your property inside and outside can be a monthly or yearly routine to upgrade your premises slowly. 

Maybe something small like gnome or buddha statues could be the ideal fit in the front yard or bird baths in the backyard. Everything has its place in your mind, from something small to tremendous wall waterfalls and remarkable water features. 

Below are some of our recommendations for garden water fountains Sydney for sale.

Eclipse Fountains (Original) in Large

The Eclipse feature range is our tallest and grandest centrepiece fountains. Featuring elegant multi-arm designs, the water flow is complete with audible streams from arm to arm, followed by a centrepiece bowl to finish the design. Available in multiple sizes, designs and colours, grab yours today!


  • Height – 170cm
  • Width – 100cm
  • Depth – 100cm
  • Base Height – 25cm
  • Pump – 2300L

PRICE: $1,999.00

SALE PRICE: $1,846.00

SAVE $153

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