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Did you know you can save when you use window tinting services for your home, office and vehicle?  Yep, it’s cost effective when you hire the team at Perth Tint Designs to window tint your valuables. Why? Because window tint can help with; heat reduction, reduce fading, protection from UV rays, reduce glare and driver fatigue and increase safety and security.

  1. Up to 60% of heat reduction for your comfort, especially in Perth’s weather condition.
  2. Interior protection – window film will block 99% of harmful UV rays. Keep all of your valuables like furniture and car seats from fading, last longer and save you in the long run
  3. Protect yourself, friends and family from Perth’s hot sun – keeping you safe by blocking out 99% of rays.
  4. Don’t fear the glare – window tint allows only 5% – 50% of the light through
  5. Broken glass? Your window tint or film will help hold together broken glass.

Window Tint Shades

Window tinting shades come in 6 different levels of darkness to suit your every need. The higher the percentage the more light is let through, see the info graphic below.

Tinting Car Windows

Tint Shades


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If you are not convinced yet, don’t hesitate to give the guys a call at Perth Tint Designs for expert advice and guidance. Why not give them a call today or visit them at Window Tinting Perth.

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