We are a lawn mowing company first and foremost.
We do everything from mowing lawns, hedge trimming to garden maintenance.

We have worked and invested a lot of time to get where we are and it makes us immensely happy to get to a point where the demand exceeds to amount of jobs we can take on we have decided to pass the job requests on as leads.

We list jobs we are unable to do due to time constraints etc.
You can view these job listings on our Job Dashboard
Each job listing has:

  • When the job was listed
  • Location
  • Short job description
  • Completion date (e.g. needs to be done by)
  • Any extra information they may provide. (e.g. Can’t do Mondays)

If there’s a job listing you are interested in simply:

  • Sign in
  • Click to view contact details / pay for lead
  • Follow up the job on our behalf!

We also send leads through email and text:
If you are interested in any of the jobs received through email or text
Simply pay with the link provided within the email or text and you will get the contact details for the job for you to follow up with